Lodge Lodge Lodge Lodge Lodge Lodge


Enjoy a relaxing stay in this 2,400 square foot Lodge in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The two-story, four bedroom house is the perfect place for a weekend retreat, or private location to prep for your wedding. Take a warm, cozy home, thrown in a splash of modern, feminine flair, and you have an impeccable place to catch up with the family, chat with the girls or dress for your wedding ceremony.

The intimate getaway, loaded with romantic ambiance, overlooks the scenic courtyard and includes a relaxing spa — ideal spots to unwind and watch the sunset through the trees over the Oregon coastal mountains.

The Lodge is available for any occasion, with day spa packages available. Please contact us for more information.

The Lodge includes:

* 2,400 sq feet
* 4 bedroom 2 bath
* Full kitchen
* Laundry room
* Prime location next to Hall
* ADA accessible
* Private parking spaces near house
* Spa packages available, call for details
* Rent the Lodge for any occasion